Middlesbrough’s best kept secret

Located in the heart of Middlesbrough but slightly tucked away on Fairbridge street opposite Grange Road post office is Eliano’s Italian Brasserei. It’s not a trendy restaurant it is just very Italian with very traditional Italian surroundings and the food, well, what can i say just ask anyone who has been.

It has been said by many of its regulars who frequent Eliano’s over the past 8 years that the restaurant is reminiscent to an Italian restaurant in the back streets of Italy and for a moment you actually forgot that you are in Middlesbrough.

There has been many a famous face at Eliano’s, brazilian footballer Juniniho, fabrizio Ravarelli, Brian Robson, GianLucca Festa, GianFranco Zola, Journey South, Harry Enfield, and Boy George are amongst just a few of many, too many to mention. “In our restaurant all our customers are famous to us, says Rosetta and are treated equally with curtious and discretion.

Eliano’s is a relaxing, friendly, family run restaurant, bought to you by owner Rosetta and her family, Master chef Eliano and son Gianni, daughter Vittoria who is waitress, eldest son Emilio who is Manager and not forgetting Eliano junior who at 8 is too young yet but very keen to get involved.

When you reserve your table at Eliano’s you have it for the whole evening, no one will rush you out, after all, that’s what dining is all about says Rosetta; freshly cooked tasty food, a relaxing atmosphere, good company and exceptional service.

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